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October 24th is World Vision's Global Day of Sharing -- a day we dedicate our efforts to sharing something extremely meaningful to us. For our very first Global Day of Sharing we're sharing our websites, blogs, Facebook Pages, Instagrams, and Tweets with the World Vision family -- children, community members, sponsors and supporters, and our colleagues globally--to share their hopes to say "we believe and share in your dreams".

Sharing something close to her heart, this post from Rachel Held Evans (blogger and author in the U.S.) is just that: a dream that we share... a dream for home for Syria's children.


The scent of dinner cooking on the stove, the familiar rhythms of footsteps on the floor, the way the front door creaks or groans or slams the same way every time, the comfort of your own bed, the nearness of family and neighbors--it's hard to name a single thing that makes a place home.

Yet we know when we are there.

And we know when we are not.

Though I suspect my own home looks, sounds, and smells a bit different from the homes left behind by the 4.25 million Syrians who have been internally-displaced by the violence there and another 2.1 million who are now seeking refuge in neighboring countries, it is a shared human experience to long for home, to miss its familiar rhythms and routines. And it must be devastating to see a home wrecked and ravaged by war, the place that was once a refuge suddenly made unstable by violence.

Nothing can replace home. So my dream for the Syrian refugees will not be realized until there is, at last, peace, and11 year-old Nour can get her wish of returning to her home and school.

Though many of us are far away and at a loss for how to respond to this conflict, we can pray for comfort and help provide a blanket.  We can pray for health and help provide food vouchers. We can pray for the children and help provide schooling. These things can make separation from home a little less frightening and a little less dispuptive. 

And as we walk through our front doors or lie down to sleep, we can pray that the people of Syria too will find their way home. 

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